Do you have an highly energetic or working dog that you can’t seem to tire out? Do they constantly sit by the door pining to be taken out?

Then you need our Dog Jogs. Shropshire’s ONLY Dog Running Service.

We know that you want to have the best possible relationship with your dog. But, without the correct amount of exercise & stimulation, dogs can develop behavioural issues. So, in order to give your dog everything they deserve and more, why not see if your dog would benefit from our Dog Jogs by filling out our Enquiry Form on our ‘Contact Us’ page?



  • It improves a dog’s health & fitness. Around half of all dogs are overweight so it’s more important than ever to keep our dogs fit and healthy.
  • It reduces the risk of a dog becoming obese (which can lead to life threatening diseases such as heart & respiratory disease, high blood pressure & cancer).
  • It strengthens heart muscles and overall lung health, helping them to live longer.
  • It is great for their wellbeing as it improves mental state through endorphin release.
  • It reduces the chance of a dog developing behavioural issues due to anxiety, stress, boredom or lack of exercise. Behavioural issues such as separation anxiety, aggression, barking, poor recall and lead-walking can all be helped through the mental stimulation that running provides
  • It can help save you a small fortune at the vets as your dog will be living a fit, healthy and happy lifestyle.


What is included?

  • Free pick-up and drop-off service in our customised dog van. Transport safety and comfort is paramount. All dogs are carried safely and securely in individual compartments
  • 30 – 60 minutes high intensity exercise in safe & scenic locations with our highly-qualified pack leader (duration dependent on age, breed & ability)
  • Stimulating games that vitalise your dog’s senses and improve behaviour
  • Maximum of 2 well-behaved and friendly dogs in the jog pack at any one time
  • Fresh water and treats provided
  • Rinse and rub down post-jog
  • Photo & Video updates sent to your phone
  • Up to 2 hours away from home
  • Dog Jog destinations include Cannock Chase, Haughmond Hill, Limekiln Woods, Telford Town Park and The Wrekin among many others
  • Your dog will never be jogged with an aggressive dog. Each and every dog goes through a behavioural assessment before being accepted into our exclusive pack (please see our ‘How Does It Work?’ page for more details
  • Subject to availability




All dogs must be:

  • Over the age of 1 years old
  • Microchipped & wear a collar and tag in public with owner’s up-to-date contact details
  • Registered at a local veterinary practice
  • Fit & healthy
  • Well-behaved and socialised with other dogs and humans
  • Trained to recall on command
  • Trained to walk on a lead without pulling
  • Comfortable jogging with other dogs for 30 – 45 minutes


If you think your beloved pooch fits these criteria and you would like to enquire further about your dog joining our exclusive Dog Jog team then please visit our Contact Us page.